Provider Enrollment

Our all-encompassing provider enrollment services contribute a streamlined option for healthcare providers to receive the payment they deserve.

Secured Network
utilize unfailing software programs to ensure payers receive the up-to-date data necessary to process the claims that are linked to your reimbursement. Every minute complexity and detail throughout this entire provider enrollment, the process is supervised by our expert enrollment team.
Our provider enrollment specialists strive to save you time and money where it truly counts!

Other aspects of this service include:

  • Payer application completion
  • CAQH registration
  • Provider information verification
  • Practice pay-to address validation
  • Electronic transaction enrollments
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Credentialing Service

As a highly qualified team of Credentialing Specialists, we want to ensure you experience this same luxury by receiving your credentials in an expedited fashion. Secured Networks contains automated and advanced technological systems guaranteed to produce accurate forms that satisfy your needs.
From creation to submission, our committed staff members will monitor your documents to ensure they are successfully processed. Allow Secured Network’s team to remove the weight of this time-consuming process off of your shoulders.
With us, you are always in capable hands!

Other aspects of this service include:

  • Consistent alerts that keep you immersed and informed during the process
  • Direct assistance from our highly-skilled team
  • Detailed management of present and future credentialing needs
  • Temporary options for successful credentialing services
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